Rip Paranormal

Research Into the Paranormal

Rip Paranormal: Research In To The Paranormal

Behind everything unexplained.    There are those who seek the answers. We are those seekers.


   About Rip:

     We are a family based, non-profit organization whose only benefit is learning the truth and helping people along the way. We want to insure you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Each and every member of our team has had unique and unexplainable experiences. There for we know what you are going through. As our client your privacy and comfort is our #1 priority.

     How this works: First you must send a investigation request. One of our team members will call you and set up a meeting, we will then set up a time for a full investigation. The investigation usually lasts from 8:30pm-2am.Within a week of our investigation we will set up a review time. We will give you copies of all evidence collected. We will work with the clients as long as they require our help.

      Again we are interested in investigating any site that is thought to have any paranormal activity, whether it be a home, business, hotel, museum, etc. If you feel that you have paranormal activity and have the ability to approve our access, please fill out an Investigation Request   we will get back to you within 24 hours.